Next group class date:

23 February, Saturday 10am (1st session)
24 February, Sunday 5-8pm (2nd session)
6 April, Sunday 2-6pm (3rd session)
For other dates, kindly get in touch with me or check back for announcements on following group class here. Private 1-to-1 classes will always have flexible dates to suit your convenience.

This is my most in-demand course to-date. With an easy-to-follow approach, it brings beginners up to speed with understanding of how photography works, and the fundamental of aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how they affect exposure. Participants then practise shooting with various preset modes, with emphasis on Aperture and Shutter priority modes while telling great stories with each click using simple yet effective composition techniques. Group classes are always conducted over weekends so it's a great way to pick up photography skill on this fun-filled course whether it's for leisure or a first step towards something bigger.

Who should take this course?

Basic in Photography is suitable for beginners who are new to photography. Most of my previous participants in this course are new DSLR camera owners taking their first big step into exciting and rewarding world of digital photography. Age is not an issue as I have conducted lessons for participants from the age of 12 to 60.

Time and duration

Class is conducted in 3 sessions of 3 hours. Total 9 hours of theory, practical and photo review sessions across 3 different days for better learning experience.


I like to keep my classes interesting by using different locations around Kuala Lumpur. Typically they are conducted around public parks. Special arrangements can be made for other states too.

Course materials

A PDF copy of my presentation slides with notes will be provided via download.

What you'll need

- Although any digital camera will do, you’ll get the most out of this course when you use a DSLR or a mid-to-high end prosumer compact camera.

Syllabus in brief (detailed syllabus will be provided upon request)

  • Understanding how a camera works

  • Learn the 3 important fundamental concepts of photography: aperture, shutter speed and ISO setting

  • What is white balance and how to get it correct

  • Shooting Aperture- and Shutter priority effectively, and master Exposure compensation

  • Tips and techniques on shooting in low light situations and capturing light trail photography

  • Tell great stories with your photos by learning the classic composition techniques and rules, then to break these rules to achieve outstanding results.

Prefer a more private class? Ask about my one-to-one option.

Prefer a more private class? Ask about my one-to-one option.

此课程亦可以中文教导  Upon request, this class is available in Mandarin too for your convenience.


Upon request, this class is available in Mandarin too for your convenience.

What participants say..

It was great learning experience which I don’t think would have got by self learning. Looking forward to learn more from u😃
— Suhas, Mar 2017
SEAN LIEW老师是一位知识非常专业的摄影老师,经验丰富,而且是一位很有耐心的老师。他让我了解摄影是一项从事审美的东西,有着不同的角度和观点,摄影带给我们更多的是对美的憧憬和美的直观感受,摄影是一种源于生活但又高于生活的艺术。
— Mei Ling, Jan 2017
Sean Liew’s sessions proved to be very fruitful. I enjoyed learning techniques, to which I was previously not exposed, such as slow shutter, panning and night photography. Sean makes it easy to understand. In turn it encourages students to experiment with different approaches.
— Dr. Bharathi Vengadasalam (Aug 2016)
Saya sgt suka cara Sean mengajar..bermula dr segi teori seterusnya melakukan praktikal bersama...Woww hasil pembelajaran menunjukkan saya mulai faham seni fotografi dan mula menyukainya
— Normazuraida (1-on-1 class, Lumut, Perak)
... perfect mix of teaching basics, techniques, inspiration and fun! He is very passionate and knowledgeable about photography and gives you personal attention to ensure you get what you want out of your camera. He even took extra time to ensure I got the shots I was after. Can’t wait to get practicing and book some more classes in the future!
— Rebecca Sweetman
... exactly what we were looking for. Sean clearly has a wealth of knowledge in photography - and was able to share his knowledge in a practical, relaxed and accessible way. I’m glad we came across Sean’s website.
— James Schell
... perfect balance between a clear and comprehensive explanation of the technical basics, and putting the stuff he just told you immediately into practice with Sean looking over your shoulder to help out. The best (and only way) to learn while having a fun day out with a nice guy who lives and breathes photography.
— Rolf van Huffelen
You feel very comfortable with Sean as he does not treat you as a student but as a friend who is willing to share his passion on photography be it on technical knowledge, backing up of photos, recommended application websites etc.
— Wu Lee Choo
I learnt so much in my 6 hours with Sean! Having been an active photographer for many years, my work was restricted by my lack of technical knowledge, I let the camera do all the thinking. Now I am in charge!
— Pippa Hague