Participants' Testimonials

These are feedbacks from folks that have attended one or more of my classes. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that my alumni has found the classes to be beneficial and improved their photography journey. 

Working with Sean on a one-to-one basis has been outstanding for me and I have finally been able to take my camera into Manual mode... Sean is extremely patient and clearly enjoys spending time teaching others. Understanding the many of the basics of Adobe Lightroom is far easier with Sean on a one-to-one than it was on video tutorial. Thank You Sean
— Tim W., UK
Monash University photography session

Monash University photography session

I am indeed very happy and satisfied the way the basic photography lessons conducted by Sean Liew. The teaching approach is simple and yet holistic about the basic knowledge of photography.
— Wee, Basic Photography
Sean’s Basic Photography Course was exactly what I needed to help me move off the auto setting on my camera! His teaching was easy to follow and gave me a much greater understanding of how this incredible light box works! Most importantly, it was fun and the locations he chose for our practical sessions provided much inspiration. Since doing the course, I haven’t used auto once (!) and I have been really pleased with the quality and range of the snaps I have been able to take. I will definitely be spreading the word about this course!
— Sarah Winser, private group class
Sean mempunyai kaedah pengajaran yang sistematik, jelas dan fleksibel. Saya juga telah didedahkan dengan perlarasan shutter speed untuk menghasilkan gambar yang lebih artistik yang membolehkan saya mengambil gambar pada aras yang baru. Selain itu, terdapat banyak tips yang berguna bagi saya yang sukar didapati dalam video - video di YouTube.
— Mohd Faizal Iqbal - 1-to-1 class
Sean is a great teacher and I really enjoyed his photography class. There was a good pace and I appreciated his flexibility with organising different classes, and the help that he has given me. I’ve enjoyed putting my new skills to good use and would happily recommend Sean to others who wish to improve their photography.
— Alice Rose, 1-to-1 class
We took a photography course as a team building project. It was extremely insightful and by the end of it all, we knew what all the buttons on a DSLR are for and managed to take some decent quality photos! Overall super fun and engaging sessions. Sean was also very accommodating to all our requests.
— Sasha, Content Nation (corporate training)
It was great learning experience which I don’t think would have got by self learning. Looking forward to learn more from u😃
— Suhas, group class
Photography class with Australia CPA

Photography class with Australia CPA

Bridgette and I are grateful for learning a lot from your experience and we’re excited to improve our photography skills.
— Henry & Bridgette, Private session - Smartphone Class
Saya sgt suka cara Sean mengajar..bermula dari segi teori seterusnya melakukan praktikal bersama...Woww hasil pembelajaran menunjukkan saya mulai faham seni fotografi dan mula menyukainya. Memilih Sean sebagai mentor adalah pilihan bijak saya.
— Aida Ratu Rania, 1-to-1 class
A teacher with great passion in photography ... patient, thoughtful and generous in sharing & guiding. Thank you so much as you have inspired & given me a new insight into the art of photography in just 2 lessons. You’re easy to understand & fun learning approach will definitely benefit many beginners. Keep up the good work
— Shirley Wong, group class
Thanks for the most informational and helpful 4 hours. I must say that you were able to break down the session into a systematic and gradual way so that it all ultimately sums up into a complete package. Well worth the money spent and I’m already planning to “steal” more of your time!!
— Dr.Junaidi, 1-to-1 Flash class
I am very satisfied with the course as terms like Aperture Priority, Depth of Field, ISO and others were very clearly explained by Sean. I would highly recommend those who are starting out in photography to embark on this basic course. Sean is a friendly, patient and very accommodating person. Will definitely engage him again for further tutoring.
— Dennis Quek, group class
My husband surprised me with a 9-hour private photography class package with Sean for my birthday. What a fantastic and thoughtful gift. Sean provided me with quality, custom-tailored private classes that met my individual needs. I look forward to taking additional classes with him and furthering my practical experience in photography. I highly recommend Sean as a teacher.
— Monica Larrieu, 1-to-1 class
Flash class practise

Flash class practise

Penyampaian ilmu yang baik dan enjoy
— Muzi - Group Photography Workshop
Sean has the ability to take the same info I’ve heard/read before and explain it well and make me understand better
— Cheryl - Group Photography Workshop
I attended Sean’s Photography Lesson with my Dad and we both found Sean’s method of teaching very easy to follow and practical. Sean is very knowledgable about all things to do with cameras and was open to all our questions. It was the perfect blend of theory and practical and being able to apply things that we learnt instantly.
— Li Ling, Wellington, New Zealand
SEAN LIEW老师是一位知识非常专业的摄影老师,经验丰富,而且是一位很有耐心的老师。他让我了解摄影是一项从事审美的东西,有着不同的角度和观点,摄影带给我们更多的是对美的憧憬和美的直观感受,摄影是一种源于生活但又高于生活的艺术。
— Mei Ling - 1-to-1 class
I learned a lot and now I am excited to be planning the practice sessions. I have the basic understanding and now to get out there and shoot more.
— Stephen Young from Chiangmai, Thailand (Flash and Studio Photography class)
I personally feel much closer to the camera. I now know what to do in a given situation. Most importantly, Sean developed the confidence in me to take great photos. After class follow ups by Sean are great and this makes his students well equipped with knowledge learnt.
— Aiman Manan, group class
Very clear and helpful course. Sean has made me very enthusiastic about photography. He is also very flexible in setting up the class schedules.
— Anneke Jongbloed, 1-to-1 class
You really taught me a lot in knowing a camera and start to know better in how to take a good shot with this “smart” camera.
— A.C., group class