Exify App for iOS

As a photographer and photography educator I'm always looking at images for inspiration or reviewing my participants' works and while Apple's iDevices work great in displaying images in their full resolution glory, they doesn't provide an easy way to inspect the EXIF metadata. A new app by the guys at Iconfactory is here to solve this problem for me, and I'll venture to say, a lot of photographers and enthusiasts out there. Exify is a simple app that's designed specifically for that one purpose only: to peek under the hood of an image to reveal all the crucial EXIF information. This is great in many ways as we can learn a lot about an image just by looking at the metadata such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, metering mode and focal length. Exify also gives you loads of options besides that to scrutinise an image with its handy magnifier and colour sampling tools. A personal favourite is the added ability to quickly add watermark feature onto your image using Editing Extension for a quick image tagging. For USD1.99, that's a steal. Check out more information on Exify's website, or download it here.