There'll be a Mastering Light Painting class on August 16th 2014. 
1. Make your payment of RM250 to: A/C No. 312 0996 019
'Pixel Agent Studio' @ Public Bank Berhad
2. Snap the deposit (bank-in) slip and email to seanliew@gmail.com oe Whatsapp to 0123331332 to confirm your seat.
More details of the class here.


This is a fun and short class that teaches participants how to do light painting photography. This class is conducted outdoor at night in a park with emphasis on practical where participants learn to write, paint and create beautiful artworks using variety of tools and techniques.

For a better idea of what you can achieve when you’ve learnt light painting, visit these photo albums:

Who should take this course?

Anyone who’s interested in branching out to explore the unique art of light painting. Although this isn’t a very technically challenging class, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of photography and basic knowledge of how aperture/shutter/ISO work together.

Time and duration

Typically Saturdays from 8.00pm onwards. Please check my Facebook page for latest announcements on date and time. You may also use this form to keep updated on my latest class schedule.


Outdoor locations, usually at a public park.

Course fee

RM250 per person

Course materials

There will be a short theory session but no materials will be provided. This is a very hands-on workshop and participants are expected to heavily take part in the practical session to better learn the intricacies of light painting. There will be many light painting tools available for experimentation.

What participants say ...

...he is passionate in sharing his knowledge and skill with others, his ‘Mastering Light Painting’ class is really informative, educational and fun too, I highly recommend anyone who enjoys photography to explore light painting with Sean and expand your creativity.
— Jeffery Tang
I have enjoyed Sean’s Mastering Light Painting immensely. It gave me a totally new perspective to photography and the experience is like one in a million that even seasoned photographers would agree to that!
— Roziha Osman
In his friendly and approachable manner he has taught me within the first session, the concept and basic principal behind Light Painting, through his demonstrations and hand-on practical using his vast range of Light Painting tools that he has personally designed and developed. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiatic and will always share his knowledge and experiences with us. It’s a fun, valuable and educational experience for me.
— Michael Oon